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This is a really bizarre movie. Although festooned with the official Academy Awards logo and crammed full of fancy cars and houses, the film looks and feels cheap. Although it lists on its credits the brilliant and acclaimed sci-fi writer Harlan Ellison (who, around this time, won an Emmy for his Star Trek script) and gifted vet Russell Rouse (whose "D.O.A." was an actual Oscar surprise in 1950, the film boasts of nothing more than a poverty of imagination. Although it features all kinds of celebrities playing themselves, such as Edith Head, Hedda Hopper, and Merle Oberon, and although it has some of the best character actors playing supporting roles, including Milton Berle, Peter Lawford, Eleanor Parker, Jack Soo, Walter Brennan, I mean the list goes on and on -- people who should not be in this movie, frankly -- its emotional center is a character…

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