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Cp Company Pedo Child Porn 10 11 12yo

By Michael Cochran & Meghan ColeMost people imagine pedophiles as ugly old men dressed in trench coats, hiding in the bushes, waiting to snatch young children off the street. However, recent television shows, such as To Catch a Predator, have exposed pedophiles as local neighbors, trusted friends, clergy, babysitters, teachers, and even family members.

cp company pedo child porn 10 11 12yo

Conceptions about pedophiles have been changing rapidly, and pedophilia has recently become a topic of increased awareness and concern. Not only do television shows expose pedophiles, but there are new sexual offender disclosure laws, websites that track convicted sexual offenders, and more investigations of pedophilia, especially after the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Yet children still remain vulnerable to sexual offenders regardless of their public façade.

Pedophiles can be classified in several ways. Pedophilia can be characterized as either exclusive or non-exclusive. Exclusive pedophiles are attracted only to children. They show no interest in sexual partners who are not prepubescent children. This desire prolongs even when they are not in the presence of children. Non-exclusive pedophiles are attracted to both adults and children. A large percentage of male pedophiles are homosexual or bisexual in orientation to children, meaning they are attracted to male children or both male and female children (Schiffer, 2008).

Many people assume that only males are pedophiles. However, case studies on pedophilia have demonstrated that female pedophilia does exist (Chow, 2002). Although this is a rare phenomenon, females who meet the DSM-IV criteria for pedophiles display similar cognitive distortions to that of males, such as irrational thoughts. Some differences, however, do exist among males and females. Females who exhibit pedophilia tend to suffer from psychiatric disorders or substance abuse problems. Also, there is a higher correlation between sexual abuses as a child with females compared to males.

The etiology of pedophilia can be attributed to both biological and environmental factors. Case studies indicate that cerebral dysfunction may be a contributing or dominant factor of pedophilia (Scott, 1984), including problems with self-control, extreme urges, and cognitive distortions. Many experts also believe that disorders for sexual preferences emerge from childhood experiences during critical periods in human development (DiChristina, 2009). In many cases, child sex abusers suffer from traumatic experiences during their childhood.

There is significant evidence that indicate structural abnormalities in the brains of pedophiles (Schiffer, 2008). Abnormalities occur when the brain is developing and can be on-set through certain experiences, such as sexual abuse as a child. Abnormalities in the brains of pedophiles may result in compulsion, poor judgment, and repetitive thoughts.

The Catholic Church frowns upon certain sexual behavior. Yet, priests were recently discovered to have engaged in sexual behavior with children. A great deal of hypocrisy surrounds the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Over the course of the past two decades, the Church has struggled with confronting sex crimes committed by Catholic priests and religious orders against children. In many cases, the clergy suffered from pedophilia. These priests sexually abused minors, primarily male altar servers, and exerted power over these boys.

The children who fell victim to the clergy were easily accessible, vulnerable, and unthreatening. These priests who engaged in sexual behavior with youth should be held responsible for their actions. The Church should come forward and acknowledge this type of inappropriate behavior. They should take the proper steps to correct this type behavior and have their pedophilic priests seek treatment for their disorder.

Pedophilia is a complex disorder with many underlying factors. These range from dysfunctions in the development of the brain to particular traumatic experiences, such as sexual abuse or rape as a child. Despite no cure for pedophilia, measures can be taken to help people with this disorder control their urges and behavior. Society needs to be more aware of this disorder and its prevalence in everyday life. So while not all people who engage with children are pedophiles, the prominence of pedophiles across many facets of life is much greater than we think.

I was a victim of a pedophile, as were my sisters. We have been wondering if there is anyone doing a study on the wives of some of these men that aid them in procuring their victims. One of my sisters knows of a woman that bathed and dressed her grandchildren for her husband knowing what was going to happen. Just curious.

Hi TrishI am straight but was effected by an attempt to procure for a female.I dont want to think about how violated you feel.The worst thing is my daughter chose to associate with the family of a known paedophile. I know that you feel worse than I do and if I could wave a magic wand and stop this I would and I know you feel the same. Whatever the neurology the boundaries of sexual behaviour are poorly drawn especially for those kids who come from a dysfunctional background. Ciniquy pointed out back in the 1860s that it was children with poor role models who are the most vulnerable to sexual predation. The only answer to this is not to try and cure paedophiles but to strengthen the family and to redirect awakening sexuality. All of us need to communicate better and sex should never be allowed to substitute for the intimacy that is the right of all humans. This I believe is why our sexuality is so easy to pervert. As paedophiles need pornography and the right to behave in an explicit manner in order to seduce children it stands to reason that it is within our power to limit a paedophiles access to children by simply insisting on better standards of societal behaviour. This is now becoming a legal reality in Queensland. If a child does not behave in a provocative manner he/she limits the interest of a perpetrator. Young girls swearing is a hot topic amongst those likely to abuse them. IF sexual experience were not a social priority the pool of potential victims would dry up because the child would not be under compulsion to fling themselves into adulthood.

pedophiles are disgusting they may be the foulest creatures on the face of the planet not only do they preform one of the most disgusting acts on a child they also traumatized the poor child to doing the same things as it gets older, if i were a pedophile i would have killed myself.

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