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5 Yo Eva Is Getting Acquainted With Sex. Great ...

Your baby is getting used to different smells but can still find strong aromas overpowering. A strong smell can even interfere with their sense of taste. Continue to avoid strong perfumes and heavily scented products that can cover up your natural smell.

5 yo Eva is getting acquainted with sex. Great ...

In the Virgin Islands, a wine-tasting competition is held, and Julie's aunt helps her friend scheme to snag the contest's wealthy sponsor; a judge starts a shipboard fling without getting to know his new partner well; a married couple who gets divorced every year for tax purposes takes the cruise; Vicki pines over a pro football player.

The crew is in Australia to work on one of the cruise line's ships based there. A wealthy man named William Farnsworth (Lloyd Bridges) has decided to invite his whole family for a reunion. However, he really wants to see who among them he should keep in his will. Among them is his niece, Marcia (Jessica Walter), who is not exactly fond of him, because she believes that because of him her father became penniless. She brings along a friend, Jessica (Linda Evans), who has a knack of getting wealthy men to marry her for the purpose of getting him to marry her so that she could get what Marcia thinks she deserves. He asks his niece, Jenny (Morgan Fairchild) and her husband Bud (Grant Goodeve), to come but they are divorced so they have to pretend that they are still married. After her fiancé (Alan Fletcher) calls, he comes aboard and refuses to leave and when he is told there are no more cabins, he stays with them. Farnsworth's secretary and niece, Eloise (Beth Howland) gets him a replacement valet, Wayne (Jim Nabors) who's not exactly what he is used to. Wayne and Eloise get close. Gopher thinks he might be related to Farnsworth and could be entitled to his fortune. Stubing meets an old flame's daughter, Melanie (Margaret Laurence) and when he has to go, she decides to join him and he keeps his distance because he cannot seem to separate her from her late mother. Julie cannot help but think about Tony Selkirk (Anthony Andrews), the guy she nearly married but he chose not to get married because he was dying.

The Pacific Princess competes with another ship while cruising to Alaska; Captain Stubing enters a dog-sled race against the other ship's captain, who is angry that his son is working for Stubing; a man and woman spend the entire cruise in their cabin to get acquainted; a newly separated couple find they cannot handle being apart; a scientist obsesses over his love potion and neglects his girlfriend.

Love is in the air with a wedding on board. Ace is attracted by the bride that ran away, and the groom is getting closer to her sister. Passengers involved in a shipboard wedding include the nearly bankrupt father of the bride, the best man, and a wedding party-crasher.

Gopher is afraid of getting fired, after breaking a very valuable art piece. Newlyweds (Mary Cadorette and Dean Butler) realize that they have nothing in common besides sex. Gopher breaks a passenger's (Jose Ferrer) priceless statue; Judy is labeled a home-wrecker; Ace snaps a telling shot of two couples.

When the police spoke with the young man, he described a very different series of events. He claimed that he and his ex-girlfriend had a fun evening at the party and that she came on to him and wanted to get back together. He admitted to taking some drugs that evening and thought he blacked out briefly. When he woke up, he claimed that his ex-girlfriend was on top of him and they had consensual rough sex. He said their clothes were everywhere, and he must have accidently taken her credit cards when he gathered his things. He denied ever handling a knife.

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Official description: "Lisette is a popular R&B singer who's getting ready to travel home to New Orleans for Christmas. When the media mistake a photo of her with her music producer ex as an engagement announcement, her family insists that he join her on the trip."

James Benning's feature-length film can be seen as a series of moving landscape paintings with artistry and scope that might be compared to Claude Monet's series of water-lily paintings. Embracing the concept of "landscape as a function of time," Benning shot his film at 13 different American lakes in identical 10-minute takes. Each is a static composition: a balance of sky and water in each frame with only the very briefest suggestion of human existence. At each lake, Benning prepared a single shot, selected a single camera position and a specific moment. The climate, the weather and the season deliver a level of variation to the film, a unique play of light, despite its singularity of composition. Curators of the Rotterdam Film Festival noted, "The power of the film is that the filmmaker teaches the viewer to look better and learn to distinguish the great varieties in the landscape alongside him. [The list of lakes] alone is enough to encompass a treatise on America and its history. A treatise the film certainly encourages, but emphatically does not take part in." Benning, who studied mathematics and then film at the University of Wisconsin, currently is on the faculty at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).Expanded essay by Scott MacDonald (PDF, 316KB)

At a little less than 90 minutes, "42nd Street" is a fast-moving picture that crackles with great dialogue and snappily plays up Busby Berkeley's dance routines and and the bouncy Al Dubin-Harry Warren ditties that include the irrepressably cheerful "Young and Healthy" (featuring the adorable Toby Wing), "Shuffle Off to Buffalo" and the title number. A famous Broadway director (Warner Baxter) takes on a new show despite his ill health, then faces disaster at every turn, including the loss of his leading lady on opening night. The film features Bebe Daniels as the star of the show and Berkeley regulars Guy Kibbee, Ginger Rogers, Dick Powell, and Ruby Keeler, whom Baxter implores, "You're going out a youngster, but you've got to come back a star!"

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Robert Penn Warren and directed by Robert Rossen, "All the King's Men" was inspired by the career of Louisiana governor Huey Long. Broderick Crawford won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Willie Stark, a backwoods Southern lawyer who wins the hearts of his constituents by bucking the corrupt state government. The thesis is basically that power corrupts, with Stark presented as a man who starts out with a burning sense of purpose and a defiant honesty. Rossen, however, injects a note of ambiguity early on (a scene where Willie impatiently shrugs off his wife's dream of the great and good things he is destined to accomplish); and the doubt as to what he is really after is beautifully orchestrated by being filtered through the eyes of the press agent (Ireland) who serves as the film's narrator, and whose admiration for Stark gradually becomes tempered by understanding. In addition to its Oscars for Crawford and Mercedes McCambridge, the film won the Best Picture prize.

"The best Wim Wenders documentary to date and an uncommonly self-effacing one, this 1999 concert movie about performance and lifestyle is comparable in some ways to "Latcho Drom," the great Gypsy documentary/musical. In 1996, musician Ry Cooder traveled to Havana to reunite some of the greatest stars of Cuban pop music from the Batista era (who were virtually forgotten after Castro came to power) with the aim of making a record, a highly successful venture that led to concerts in Amsterdam and New York. The players and their stories are as wonderful as the music, and the filmmaking is uncommonly sensitive and alert," wrote film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum.

This film marked the last of Buster Keaton's silent comedy classics. Here Keaton is an aspiring newsreel cameraman out to win the heart of studio secretary Marceline Day. Ostensibly directed by Edward Sedgwick, the film is all Keaton and includes some of the best treatises on the techniques and psychology of shooting motion pictures. Keaton is at his most deft in responding to the most outrageous situations with matter-of-fact naturalism and wearing his great stone face. A seamless, ingenious blend of comedy and pathos, featuring countless creative gags involving fantastical double exposures, swimming pool changing rooms, and an organ grinder's monkey.

Directed by and starring Orson Welles, this film tells the life story of Charles Foster Kane (Welles), a newspaper tycoon who gains immense wealth at the expense of the ones he loves. The screenplay, written by Herman Mankiewicz and Welles, was inspired by the biography of real-life newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, and the film's celebrated visual style featuring stunning black and white cinematography was created by director of photography Gregg Toland. Although "Citizen Kane" received a lukewarm reception from audiences upon its initial release, it was applauded by critics and is today often considered the "greatest film of all time." The film, which also stars Joseph Cotton, Dorothy Comingore, Everett Sloane Ruth Warrick, was recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Expanded essay by Godfrey Cheshire (PDF, 733KB) 041b061a72

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