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Hard Disk Serial Number Changer Unable Write Disk Drive

That's not the end of it. Not only does the disk appear to have the wrong serial number, but I can't even choose the OS version of this disk. It says that the size of the disk partition is 'Invalid' or some other data. I thought this could happen if the disk was the wrong type (not an MBR disk) but it seems to be happening regardless of type. Windows 10, Server 2012 R2, Server 2016 and a Windows 7 are all in a partition on the disk, and in all cases the disk partition size is 'Invalid'.

Hard Disk Serial Number Changer Unable Write Disk Drive

I found a USB flash drive that I can boot into and use, so I've been able to boot into this HDD via USB and run commands on it. I'm reasonably confident that I can remove the disk partition tables and replace them with the good ones, but I'm trying to figure out what to do to get the OS to recognize this disk as the correct size (as opposed to the size that is listed in Disk Management).

This HDD doesn't start up at all. Can this be a hardware problem with this drive? I can't see anything wrong with it in Disk Management or the SATA driver in Device Manager (no Win 10). It has been working fine and I'm getting data off it but I'd like to get it fixed so that I can use it again.

You also wont find a Volume Serial Number for a CD-ROM or a hard drive until it is reformatted. For all intents and purposes, a Volume Serial Number is like a fingerprint. There is no such thing as a Volume Serial Number for an empty or bare drive. So if you dump an empty drive and try to format it, there is no Volume Serial Number. That drive has no Volume Serial Number. So your format operation should succeed and you will be able to format it and assign it a Volume Serial Number that corresponds to the manufacturer.

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