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[S2E15] Cooler

Except! Schmidt took Jess's call on Nick's phone and forced it into his hands. He grumpily walked away to listen to Jess speculate that the loft noises "might be gang-related. I've always been worried about my blue curtains. Crips!" Nick was understandably miffed that Jess had managed to be his cooler even over the phone, but when she whimpered, "I need you," he relented and brought the whole crew back home. After nearly assaulting them with a baseball bat, Jess flung her arms around Nick (and Holly) and begged, "Never leave me alone again."

[S2E15] Cooler

As Nick walked Jess around the apartment to assuage her fears, she admitted she had been his cooler. But! She had a plan. A plan that involved yelling out dead presidents' names, climbing on furniture, and consuming tremendous amounts of alcohol. Yes, my friends, it was time for the triumphant return of True American! Only this time, there was a twist designed explicitly to get Nick laid: Stripping! Or, as Jess put it, "Clinton rules: Pick your intern." It was truly an inspired addition to the already all-over-the-place game. (Bonus pop culture points for tonight's game: Abu Nazir even got a name check!)

Nick and Jess' first kiss happens in New Girl season 2, episode 15, "Cooler." In the episode, the guys, who consider Jess to be a "cooling force," leave her in the loft while they go to meet women at a bar. Jess gets scared after hearing mysterious noises and convinces the guys and their dates to come back. To make up for being Nick's "cooler," Jess initiates a round of the New Girl game True American. After witnessing Nick and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) competing over Holly (Brooklyn Decker), Jess gets the idea to settle the score by selecting two people to go "behind the Iron Curtain" to make out. Her plan was to get Nick and Holly together, but Nick and Jess end up being the participants instead. Nick panics, saying he doesn't want to kiss Jess as part of the game. At the end of the episode, Jess calls for Nick when the mysterious scratching noises return, which turns out to be the neighbor's dog. Jess says goodnight to Nick and prepares to go back to her room, but Nick grabs her and the two characters passionately kiss.

It's early morning at the beach, and Pop and Cub arrive for some relaxation and fun. Cub excitedly runs down the small staircase that leads to the shore, and Pop carries a cooler. Suddenly, the cooler slips from his hands and it bounces down the three steps. Luckily, when it hits the bottom, nothing happens, so he picks it up with no sweat.

Pop walks towards Cub, who's seen poking a starfish with a stick. He sets the cooler down and stretches. Cub decides to have a drink. He reaches into the cooler and pulls out a soda, which is bulging on the sides. Despite this, he decides to drink it, but becomes upset when nothing comes out (because he forgot to open it). He tries to open it with his teeth. Seeing this, Pop decides to help his son by opening the can. Once he does so, it suddenly spews out soda onto his face and slips from his hands. After he regains his vision, he becomes shocked at what he's seeing. The still-spewing soda is seen pressing down on Cub's face, and the soda presses his face further and further down into the sand.

Wade is shocked by the news of the flesh eating bacteria. Cristina says they have to amputate, which she deems the only sane option. Alex says they can also try to cut out the infection. It won't be pretty, but they might be able to keep the leg functional. Wade wants to see Claire, but there's no time. He needs to decide now. Wade says running marathons is who Claire is. Sydney says they'll do anything to save the leg. On their way back to the OR, Cristina asks Alex if he really thinks this is the best choice. He says it's a way cooler surgery.

Just wanted to let you know, i'm really digging your blog. I'm JUST now getting around to watching this show on DVD and i realized that a big part of the show was all the "water cooler" talk I missed while it was coming out. Your blog has made me feel I have someone to "talk" to about each episode. (I read each re-cap right after I finish an episode). So thanks for doing what you did way back when, I appreciate it so much now!

Jess: Hey, guys. Guess what? Sam has the late shift and Cece's on a date with some Indian guy, so world's best wing-woman reporting for duty.Nick: Jess, you can't come.Jess: What?Nick: Look, I actually want to get girls tonight. You're my cooler.Jess: What? All I do is help you get laid, Nick.[flashback:]Jess: Maureen, did you have one very special long-time love?Maureen: Yes.Jess: You should be with him. [Maureen gets up and leaves][present:]Jess: I'm not your cooler.Nick: It's not you. It's the way that you behave. And the things that you say. And the look on your face. And... It is you. You're the cooler. 041b061a72

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