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Echo 3 (2022) Napisy

Outside the Owl House, Luz is busy trying out different glyph combos with King and her echo mouse. After drawing the fourth one on the ground, she taps on it, only for a strange mud claw to appear and start attacking her. Eda rushes out from the house and immediately squashes the hand with her staff, allowing Luz to take notes. Eda questions what's going on, and Luz reveals that she has been going through Philip Wittebane's diary again, thinking that his unfinished glyph combos would help create a portal back home. Unfortunately, none of them worked. Beside her, the claw begins to take form and rise again, only to be eaten promptly by Hooty. Eda encourages Luz to stop thinking about Philip, but Luz instead curls up on the ground and pulls up her hoodie, admitting that she misses her mother. To cheer her up, Eda offers to tell her a story from her past. After Luz, King, Hooty, and the echo mouse all gather together, Eda starts telling them the story about the day she met Raine Whispers.

Echo 3 (2022) napisy


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