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International Truck Serial Number 46

International Harvester also built large numbers of military tactical vehicles between 1941 and 1961. These were not branded "International". Navistar has built military tactical trucks since 2007. These are branded "International". Military trucks are not included here.

international truck serial number 46

25 March 1956: At approximately 10:50 a.m., the first of two prototype Martin XB-51 three-engine attack bombers, serial number 46-685, crashed on takeoff from Runway 22 at El Paso International Airport (ELP). The pilot, Major James Otto Rudolph, United States Air Force, survived the crash although he was seriously burned. Staff Sergeant Wilbur Robert Savage, 28, engineer, was killed. Major Rudolph died of injuries 16 April 1956.

Ford Australia have used the same basic system for chassis numbers on Australian assembled vehicles since the early 1960s.[1] When Australia went to mandatory 17-digit VINs in 1989, the Ford chassis numbers became 17-digit VINs by the addition of 6FPAAA ahead of the original numbering system.[2] With the exception of some L-series (Louisville) trucks fitted with other brands of engine, engine numbers match the VIN with the 6FPAAA omitted.

What I'm trying to figure out is some pictures I see of the 46 baler the "McCormick" is the predominate brand named on the baler and on others like mine "International" is the predominate brand name on the baler. Anyone know why? Also is there a serial number registry to determine what year this baler was built?

IH farm equipment sold from 1921 to 1948 used the "McCormick -Deering" trademark. In 1949 to 1961 the "Deering" was dropped and they used the "McCormick" trade name. In 1962 it was changed to "McCormick" in small letters above "International" in larger font letters. Then in 1967 the name "McCormick" was deleted from farm equipment decals and everything in IHC ran the "International" trademark until 1984. In 1985 it was changed to "Case IH". My parents owned a 46 baler and from my experience they built a lot of balers from 1958 to 1963. From your serial number I suspect this is a later unit perhaps a 1962 or 1863 model.

IHC Auto Buggy IHC Auto Wagon International "letter" series 1915-23 International "number" series 1921-23 International "number" series 1924-27 10 series 54-104C series 100-500 series 210-230 series 400-900 series 1000-1500 series 3000 series 4000 series 5000 series 5000i series 8000 series 8100-8200-8300 series 9000i series 9100-9200-9400 series 9300 series 9370 series 9600-9700-9800 series COE A series 1930-35 A series 1957-58 A series 1966 A series heavy-duty 1932-41 AC series ACO Sightliner series Auto Wagon B series 1931-35 B series 1959-62 B series 1967 BC series C series 1934-37 C series 1961-62 C series 1968 C/D/DB/DC 300-400 series Cargostar series Cargostar-B series Citystar series CO/DCO 400 series COE CO/VCO/DCO series tilt-cab CO-4000 series CO-8190 fire engine COF-5370 COF5470-COF5870 series oil field trucks CO-Loadstar series CONCO series CO-Transtar series CXT D series 1937-40 D series 1965 D series 1969-70 DCF-400M mixer DF-8008 oil field truck Durastar series E Eagle 9900 F-8500M mixer Fageol Vans FC series stripped chassis Fleetstar series Fleetstar-A series FTCO fire engine HS Series K series KB series L series L/LD 300-400 series International LC series COE LC/LCD 400 series COE LC-195 Tiltocab COE Loadstar series Lonestar M series Metro series Metroette series Motor Home Chassis MS series MXT One-Hundred series Payhauler series Paystar 5000 series R series R/RD 300-400 series RC series COE RC series Tiltocab COE RC/RDC 400 series COE RD-H series RE series RXT S-series 1921-30 S series 1956-57 S1600-S2100 series S2200-S2300-S2500-S2600 series SC series COE Schoolmaster series Scout Scout II Scout Terra Scout Traveler Transtar 400 series Transtar 400M mixer Transtar 4270-4370 series Transtar II series Travelall Travelette series Unistar V series W series "Westcoaster" 1936-49 W series 1930-35 Wagonmaster Workstar series XL series

Early 1949: Hood emblem becomes chrome plated steel. As in 1947 and 1948, on Chevrolet light trucks hood side chrome emblem states THRIFTMASTER. Large truck side hood emblem states LOADMASTER. Gas tank is now located behind seat inside of cab. Serial numbers: GP 1/2 ton, GR 3/4 ton, GS 1 ton, etc.

Halfway through the 1951 Chevy truck model year, bed wood changed from 9-board to 8-board type. Speedometer maximum speed 80 miles per hour. Vent windows in doors are introduced. Outside door handles are still turndown type. Only year with vent windows and turndown handles. Last year for 80 m.p.h. speedometer. Last year for chrome window handle knobs and chrome wiper knob. Serial numbers: JP 1/2 ton, JR 3/4 ton, JS 1 ton, etc.

Early 1955 trucks, referred to by many as the First Series, were almost identical to the 1954. First year for the open drive shaft on 1/2 ton pickup and panel. Final series with the six volt system on Chevrolet. GMC continues to make 12 volt an option throughout the year into the next body style. Hood side emblems now are one piece with CHEVROLET at the bottom and 3100, 3600, or 3800 above. Serial numbers: H 1/2 ton, J 3/4 ton, L 1 ton, etc.

Very similar to 1955 Chevy trucks. Fender emblems are two piece and mounted above horizontal line on fender. Emblem on front of hood is now longer on bottom than top. Front hood emblem has a cast in V if a V8 truck. Serial numbers: 3A 1/2 ton, 3B 1/2 ton longbed, 3E 3/4 ton, 3G 1 ton, etc.

Very similar to the 1958 trucks. Fender emblems are now larger design with Chevrolet and Apache in center of emblem with series designation (31, 32, 36, 38 etc.) at rear of emblem. Front hood emblem is 36" long with square pattern design in background behind Bow Tie. Serial numbers: 3A 1/2 ton, 3B 1/2 ton longbed, 3E 3/4 ton, 3G 1 ton, etc.

Information provided by Howard Pletcher. This is an updated version (June 29, 2004)There is little to decode from IH serial numbers. If you have a table of them, they do identify the time frame a truck was built in, but that is not hidden within the serial number. The system used depends upon what time frame you have in mind.

Serial numbers started over with SA501 with the A-models in 1957 and again with SB501 with the B-line in 1959. However, when the 1961 C-line was introduced, the serial numbers kept going with the SB numbers rather than starting over. This sequence continued until 10/65 when a new 13 digit VIN was introduced.

The VIN structure used from 10/65 until the start of the 1973 model production consisted of a 6 digit model code followed by a letter indicating the plant it was built in followed by a 6 digit serial number. The model code was a specifications code that basically meant what model the truck was sold as. There is some meaning to the codes if you have the code table to interpret them.

The plant code was a G for Fort Wayne, H for Springfield, C for Chatham, Y for San Leandro, and L for Bridgeport Metros, and the serial was a sequential number. Trucks were generally built in serial number order, but not exactly for numerous reasons. Example: 781956G200123

For the 1973 model year, the VIN was modified to consist of a 5 character model code, followed by a letter indicating the model year of production, the plant indicator, a production line within the plant indicator, and a 5 digit serial number that started with 10001 each year. The plant indicators were the same as above. The model year indicator was a C for 1972, D for 1974, etc. The production line was either Line A or Line B for Fort Wayne and Springfield and A for Chatham. The Scout line was always line D in Fort Wayne (there had been a C line for a time, but it was discontinued about 1970). C and D were used at Springfield when the A and B serial numbers passed 99999 and started over. Example: H0062HGD39515.

The SD220 is the engine model number.As for the truck VIN, I usually refer to my Crismon book. However, seems to have vanished when we moved last year. You could get onto our forums and ask there.

I have an International truck R-110 W.B. 115. Chassis serial number 32361. Serial number 242325. Also I have numbers SD220. ?power 90. 3600 rrm Maximum weight 4200 lbs. made but international harvester co in Chicago Illinois. What year is it? Please help me. I know R110 was either 1953 to 1955. Please answer me. Thanks

i have a international r-110 long bed, the chassis serial number 10982 and my engine model number sd-220 trying to find out what year this truck is. and where i can find out how to decode the vin numberthanks, bob

Over the years Perkins has produced hundreds of different engines and each can have many different variants. So how do you know the exact specification of your engine? All the information you need about your engine is included in the serial number on your engine plate, which you can use to find the parts to fit on your engine.

The engine serial number is on a metal plate attached to the block, typically found on the left-hand side of the engine. The position of the engine plate varies across different engine series. You can find the position of your plate using the table below.

The minimum requirement to produce a result in the engine serial number search tool is the initial build list element, (2 to 4 letters followed by 4 or 5 numbers). Including the full entry of 15 or more digits will deliver the best results.

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