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Where Can I Buy A Mouthguard For Sleeping

While there is not a cure for bruxism, many medical providers recommend mouthguards or night guards to help limit overnight grinding and clenching and their associated consequences. These protective devices cover the teeth to shield against potential damage.

where can i buy a mouthguard for sleeping

While some users find relief from a mouthguard, they're not right for everyone. If you think you may be grinding your teeth at night, talk with your dentist or medical provider to explore possible causes and treatment options.

The Smile Brilliant Night Guard balances softness and durability. It is crafted with a custom fit for additional comfort. Each mouthguard measures 2mm thick. The material should hold up to heavy grinding for around 3 months of nightly use.

Three package options are available, containing one, two, or four custom-fitted night guards with travel cases. The company recommends you select a package based on your level of grinding, with heavier teeth grinders needing additional mouthguards so that they can replace the one they use more often.

When a customer places their order, they will first receive a free impression kit to take a mold of their teeth at home. The molding process takes around 15 minutes. Then, the customer ships the impression to a lab in a prepaid envelope, and the lab produces a custom mouthguard.

Smile Brilliant saves each impression in a digitalized format, so reordering is a quick and straightforward process. Replacement mouthguards are available at a lower price than the initial purchase. Customers may use funds from HSA or FSA accounts for first-time payments and reorders.

After a shopper places their order, they'll receive an impression kit to take a mold of their teeth at home. They then use the included prepaid envelope to send the mold to the lab, which will custom-make the mouthguard and finish it by hand for a more precise fit.

If the customer decides their Chomper Labs mouthguard isn't right for them during the first 100 days, Chomper Labs will make adjustments or issue a replacement at no charge. If the customer isn't satisfied after the adjustment or replacement, they can return the product for a full refund within this trial period, minus shipping costs.

The Hard Night Guard is designed for heavy grinding, measures 1.5mm thick, and is made from firm elasticized acrylic that softens in water for easy fit adjustment. Pro Teeth Guard mouthguards are made by a professional dental lab. The customer orders the night guard online and receives an impression kit in the mail. Once they take their impressions, they send them back in a prepaid return envelope and receive their custom mouthguard.

With the Remi Custom Night Guard, customers can choose between a one-time purchase or a Remi Club membership. With the membership, new mouthguards are delivered once every 6 months for a discounted price. Those frequently purchasing new nightguards may prefer this subscribe-and-save option.

Purchases come with both a top and bottom mouthguard, so you can try both to see which works best. You can request just one or the other on subsequent purchases. The mouthguard is made from hard-soft plastic that is dental-grade and free from Bisphenol A (BPA). Mouthguards are also compatible with the brand's teeth whitening gel.

You can choose between a larger and smaller size, and your purchase will include a kit that allows you to create an impression at home, as well as a prepaid shipping label for mailing the completed mold. While you can choose between mouthguards for the upper or lower teeth, you can take impressions of both to ensure a proper fit and contact between your teeth. Sentinel warns that people who wear braces, spacers, and other orthodontic appliances should not use the mouthguard.

Unlike other anti-bruxism mouthguards that mold around your upper and lower teeth, the Dental Guard only covers your top two front teeth. This limited coverage may be more comfortable for sleeping. The guard does not contain any latex or BPA, and has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.

FitFit is one of the most critical criteria that affects a mouthguard's comfort and usability. A mouthguard that is too thick may feel bulky in the mouth, while one that is too loose may be difficult to keep in place throughout the night. While one-size-fits-all models are available, many sleepers prefer custom-fit varieties to ensure the mouthguard stays put without taking up too much space.

MaterialsMost mouthguards are made of durable, heat-cured plastic, though some use acrylic materials. Reputable labs should use safe, high-quality components that stand up to testing. Customers with latex allergies may want to read the product description carefully to ensure the mouthguard is latex-free, while some shoppers may also prefer to look for a BPA-free option.

ComfortComfort is subjective, but it may depend on the fit, materials, and style of the mouthguard. Custom fits are often the most comfortable since they are crafted for the individual's mouth. Some sleepers may prefer the feel of soft mouthguards, while others may like a rigid design. The style and shape of the mouthguard can also affect the feel, since some may be bulkier than others. Some models may be built for enhanced comfort, with modifications to take up less space in the mouth.

Generally, heavy teeth grinders may need to replace their mouthguards more often for continued protection. Many custom mouthguard manufacturers take this into account and keep the customer's teeth impressions on file for easy replacement. These services also typically charge less for subsequent mouthguards.

StyleManufacturers produce different styles and types of mouthguards to accommodate diverse needs and preferences. The most notable variation is often how the mouthguard is fitted to the teeth, either as a boil-and-bite, custom, or one-size-fits-all model.

PricePurchasing a mouthguard for teeth grinding online is usually more affordable than buying one from your dentist's office. Many mouthguards fall in the $100 to $200 range, but durability may be as important as price when determining the overall value. A less durable option may need to be replaced every few months, potentially adding up to a higher total over time, while more durable models may cost more upfront but require less frequent replacement.

Boil-and-Bite StyleBoil-and-bite style mouthguards have a customized fit without the need to send an impression of your teeth to a lab. Most models provide clear instructions on how to boil the mouthguard, take it out with tongs, run it under cold water, and place it in your mouth to mold to the shape of your teeth. Then, the mouthguard can typically be rinsed off and used without any downtime.

This design has several potential benefits, including a customized fit without the need to wait for the lab to process your order. Many boil-and-bite style mouthguards can also be remolded, which may be convenient if your teeth shift over time, or if you don't get the right fit on the first try.

Mail-In CustomWith mail-in custom mouthguards, the buyer usually receives a free impression kit that they use to make a mold of their teeth. They then ship this mold to a lab, where technicians build a personalized mouthguard for the customer's mouth. These mouthguards often have the best fit, but they can also be the most expensive. However, shoppers considering purchasing a mouthguard directly from their dentist may get a similar result at a lower price-point with a mail-in custom mouthguard.

One-Size-Fits-AllOne-size-fits-all mouthguards are intended to fit most sleepers, but they're ideal for very few. They can provide a quick, affordable, and convenient solution, though users give them mixed reviews for comfort, fit, and effectiveness.

Mouthguards Not Designed for Teeth GrindingWhile there are many mouthguards on the market for teeth grinding, others address different concerns. Sports mouthguards are built to protect the teeth in case of impact, and anti-snoring mouthpieces are designed to help reduce snoring by moving the lower jaw forward.

While you may be tempted to try using one of these mouthguards to protect against teeth grinding, they are not engineered for the task. The stresses of grinding may cause the materials to break down more quickly. They may also not provide effective protection against grinding, just as a mouthguard for grinding isn't suitable for sports protection or snoring reduction. If you are unsure of what type of mouthguard is right for you, talk to your doctor or dentist.

A night guard is a retainer-like device worn over either your top or bottom teeth while sleeping. Doing so prevents your teeth from grinding on top of each other. A custom-made night guard also has many names, but dentists will always call it either a mouth guard, oral appliance, occlusal guard, bite splint, dental guard, or nocturnal bite plate.

There are over 100,000 dentists in America, so it is going to be hard to give you an accurate answer because it depends on the dental lab they use and their personal preferences and beliefs.A traditional acrylic guard could last over 10 years, whereas a soft whitening tray dubbed as a night guard will only last you perhaps a few months if you are a heavy grinder.

The thermoformed hard/soft guard or all hard guards have become popular because of the high adaptability of the material used. These guards, like the ones we make, can last anywhere from 1 year to 5+ years depending on your grinding/clenching severity and how well you take care of them.

Based on the feedback and data we've gathered and seen, our guards can last anywhere from one to five years or more. Additionally, we guarantee our guards for an entire year. So if it wears out or breaks for any reason, we'll replace it free of charge.

A nightguard is a retainer-like plastic piece that can be hard or soft. It covers the biting surfaces and can be worn on either the bottom or top set of teeth. Since patients have different teeth patterns, a nightguard is custom-made for each patient by molding it to fit your teeth without the risk of being uncomfortable or unnecessarily bulky. It has many names; therefore, when you hear dentists talk about a mouthguard, occlusal guard, bite splint, dental guard, or nocturnal bite plate, they refer to the same thing. 041b061a72

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