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Waking Knightmare-DARKSiDERS

(2) One night, when I was about 15, I woke up to an old man standing by the door to my room. He was simply standing there, looking at me. I was unable to make out his face exactly, but I knew he was an old man, and I knew he was looking at me. Then he walked away from the door and I convinced myself that I was having some kind of waking nightmare. Until the next morning, when my sister told me she had a nightmare about an old man watching her from the door of her room.

Waking Knightmare-DARKSiDERS


Her unique connection to the Force allows Kalja to draw a dangerous amount of power from it without having her body fried in the process. She rarely does so though unless there is no other option. The lure of the Dark Side from summoning so much power becomes very strong and once she is done, her body immediately falls into a coma-like state from the withdrawal of so much power. There is no chance of waking her when she is in this state and it usually takes three to four days for her to recover. 041b061a72

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