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Saw 7 Full Movie In Hindi 19: The Ultimate Guide to the Final Chapter of the Horror Saga

Saw 7 Full Movie In Hindi 19: A Review of the Final Chapter of the Saw Franchise

Saw 7, also known as Saw 3D or Saw: The Final Chapter, is a 2010 American horror film that claims to be the last installment in the popular Saw series. The film follows two parallel stories: one about a self-help guru who is put through a series of deadly traps by the Jigsaw killer after lying about being a survivor; and another about Jigsaw's ex-wife who seeks protection from the police while his rogue apprentice seeks revenge on her. The film also features a surprising twist that reveals the identity of Jigsaw's final accomplice.

Saw 7 Full Movie In Hindi 19

In this article, I will review Saw 7 Full Movie In Hindi 19, a dubbed version of the original film that was released in India in 2019. I will summarize the plot, introduce the cast and crew, evaluate the reception, discuss the legacy, and answer some frequently asked questions about this movie.

The Plot of Saw 7

The Main Game: Bobby Dagen's Test

Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery) is a self-help guru who has written a book called S.U.R.V.I.V.E., based on his alleged experience of escaping from one of J igsaw's traps. He is invited to a talk show, where he meets the survivors of previous Jigsaw games, including Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes), who cauterized his own foot after cutting it off in the first Saw movie. However, his fame and fortune are short-lived, as he is kidnapped by Jigsaw's apprentice, Detective Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor), who exposes his lie and forces him to play a real game.

Bobby wakes up in an abandoned asylum, where he has to save his wife Joyce (Gina Holden) and his friends and colleagues, who are trapped in various devices throughout the building. He has to face four tests, each one related to his deception: he has to pull out two of his teeth that have the combination to a locked door; he has to stab himself with three hooks that are connected to wires that lift him to the next level; he has to free his best friend Cale (Dean Armstrong) from a trap that will impale him with spikes if Bobby fails to hold onto a metal bar that delivers electric shocks; and he has to save his publicist Nina (Naomi Snieckus) from a trap that will burn her alive if Bobby fails to press two buttons that will pierce his pectoral muscles.

Bobby manages to complete the first three tests, but loses Cale and Nina in the process. He reaches the final room, where Joyce is strapped to a platform that will lower her into a brazen bull, a metal cage that will incinerate her. To save her, Bobby has to insert two hooks into his chest muscles and hoist himself up to connect two wires above him. However, he fails to do so, as the hooks rip through his flesh. He watches helplessly as Joyce is lowered into the fire and dies, while Hoffman taunts him through a video screen.

The Subplot: Jill Tuck's Protection and Mark Hoffman's Revenge

Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell) is Jigsaw's ex-wife, who was entrusted with a videotape that reveals Hoffman as Jigsaw's apprentice. She delivers the tape to the police and asks for immunity and protection in exchange. She is placed under the custody of Internal Affairs agent Matt Gibson (Chad Donella), who has a history with Hoffman. Gibson agrees to grant Jill's request if she helps him catch Hoffman.

Hoffman, meanwhile, escapes from the reverse bear trap that Jill placed on him at the end of Saw 6, by breaking his hand and using his teeth to jam the device. He kills two coroners who examine Jigsaw's body and recovers the tape that incriminates him. He then goes on a killing spree, targeting Jigsaw's survivors and the police officers involved in his case. He kills four survivors in a trap that mimics Jigsaw's first game, where they have to offer a pound of flesh to escape. He also kills several cops in an explosion at the police station, and sends videos of his crimes to Gibson, mocking him and challenging him to find him.

Gibson traces Hoffman's location to the asylum where Bobby is playing his game. He leads a SWAT team there, but they are ambushed by Hoffman, who kills most of them with booby traps. Gibson is shot in the head by Hoffman, who then infiltrates the safe room where Jill is hiding. He kills the guard and attacks Jill, who tries to defend herself with a nail file. He overpowers her and straps her to a chair, where he places the reverse bear trap on her head. He tells her that he is not playing by Jigsaw's rules anymore, and leaves her to die as the trap snaps her jaw open.

The Twist: Dr. Lawrence Gordon's Return

The movie reveals that Dr. Gordon survived his ordeal in the first Saw movie by cauterizing his wound on a hot steam pipe. He was found by Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), who nursed him back to health and recruited him as his apprentice. Gordon helped Jigsaw with some of his traps, such as the one that involved Allison Kerry (Dina Meyer) in Saw 3 and Saw 4. He also performed surgery on Jigsaw's brain tumor in Saw 3.

Jigsaw gave Gordon one final task: to watch over Jill and act upon his death. After Hoffman kills Jill, he tries to escape from the asylum, but he is attacked by three pig-masked assailants. One of them reveals himself as Gordon, who tells Hoffman that he was Jigsaw's secret apprentice and that he is here to protect Jill. He injects Hoffman with a sedative and drags him to the bathroom where he was left to die by Adam (Leigh Whannell) in the first Saw movie. He shackles Hoffman to the same pipe that he was chained to, and throws the hacksaw away. He tells Hoffman that this is Jigsaw's final request, and turns off the lights, leaving him to die. He then seals the door with a welding torch, saying "Game over", echoing Jigsaw's words from the first movie.

The Cast and Crew of Saw 7

The Returning Actors: Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russell, and Cary Elwes

Tobin Bell plays John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw, the main antagonist of the Saw franchise. He is a former engineer and civil activist who became a serial killer after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. He designs elaborate traps that test his victims' will to live and their moral values. He believes that he is helping his victims appreciate their lives by putting them through physical and psychological torture. He appears in flashbacks and recordings in Saw 7, as he died in Saw 3.

Costas Mandylor plays Mark Hoffman, Jigsaw's apprentice and successor. He is a corrupt detective who was blackmailed by Jigsaw into becoming his accomplice after killing his sister's murderer in a trap. He continues Jigsaw's work after his death, but modifies the traps to make them inescapable and kills anyone who gets in his way. He is the main antagonist of Saw 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Betsy Russell plays Jill Tuck, Jigsaw's ex-wife and former accomplice. She is a clinic worker who was married to John Kramer until she lost their unborn son in a robbery. She divorced him after he became Jigsaw, but later agreed to help him with some of his games. She turns against Hoffman after he kills her lover, Agent Peter Strahm (Scott Patterson), in Saw 5. She is the deuteragonist of Saw 7.

Cary Elwes plays Dr. Lawrence Gordon, Jigsaw's secret apprentice and protector. He is a renowned surgeon who was one of Jigsaw's first victims in Saw. He was chained to a pipe in a bathroom with photographer Adam Stanheight (Leigh Whannell), and had to cut off his foot to escape. He survived and was recruited by Jigsaw as his helper and doctor. He appears in flashbacks in Saw 2, 3, and 4, and returns as a surprise character in Saw 7.

The New Actors: Sean Patrick Flanery, Chad Donella, Gina Holden, and others

Sean Patrick Flanery plays Bobby Dagen, the protagonist of Saw 7. He is a self-help guru and motivational speaker who claims to be a survivor of one of Jigsaw's traps. However, he is actually a fraud who made up his story to gain fame and money. He is targeted by Hoffman for his deception and has to face a series of traps that test his honesty and loyalty.

Chad Donella plays Matt Gibson, an Internal Affairs agent who is assigned to protect Jill Tuck from Hoffman. He has a personal grudge against Hoffman, who ruined his career as a homicide detective by planting evidence on one of his cases. He tries to catch Hoffman with Jill's help, but falls into his trap and is killed.

Gina Holden plays Joyce Dagen, Bobby's wife and final test. She is unaware of Bobby's lie and supports him in his career. She is kidnapped by Hoffman and strapped to a brazen bull device that will burn her alive unless Bobby can save her. She dies when Bobby fails his last test.

Other new actors include Dean Armstrong as Cale, Bobby's best friend; Naomi Snieckus as Nina, Bobby's publicist; Rebecca Marshall as Suzanne, Bobby's lawyer; Laurence Anthony as Rogers, Gibson's partner; James Van Patten as Dr. Heffner, a coroner; Anne Lee Greene as Dina, one of Jigsaw's survivors; Chester Bennington as Evan, another survivor; Gabby West as Kara, Evan's girlfriend; Sebastian Pigott as Brad; Jon Cor as Ryan; Tanedra Howard as Simone; Shauna MacDonald as Tara; Devon Bostick as Brent; Chad E xley as Alex, the participants of a trap that involves a love triangle; and Joris Jarsky as Dan, a neo-Nazi skinhead who is killed by Hoffman.

The Director and Writers of Saw 7

The Director: Kevin Greutert

Kevin Greutert is an American film director and editor who is best known for his work in the Saw franchise. He edited the first five Saw movies and made his directorial debut with Saw 6. He was originally hired to direct Paranormal Activity 2, but was forced to return to Saw 7 due to a contractual obligation. He has also directed other horror movies, such as Jessabelle (2014), Visions (2015), and Jackals (2017).

The Writers: Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan

Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan are American screenwriters who have collaborated on several horror movies, including the last four Saw movies. They won the third season of Project Greenlight, a reality show that gave aspiring filmmakers a chance to make a feature film. They wrote the script for Feast (2005), which was produced by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Wes Craven. They have also written the scripts for The Collector (2009), The Collection (2012), Piranha 3DD (2012), and The Neighbor (2016).

The Reception of Saw 7

The Box Office Performance: A Commercial Success

Saw 7 was released on October 29, 2010, in North America, and on November 4, 2010, in India. It was the first and only Saw movie to be shot and released in 3D. The movie had a budget of $20 million and grossed $136.1 million worldwide, making it the fourth highest-grossing Saw movie and the ninth highest-grossing horror movie of 2010. It ranked first at the North American box office in its opening weekend, with $24.2 million, beating Paranormal Activity 2, which was in its second week. It also ranked first in India, with $1.9 million, becoming the highest-grossing Hollywood movie of the year in that country.


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