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Torrents uses the power of the Trident to crack the walls of the cavern, flooding it with ocean water around the Peak, and leaves Jack and his compatriots for certain death riding away in the chariot. In order to survive Jack tries to negotiate with the tree blue-tailed sirens: Moreveren, Aquala and Aquila, but they refuse to help the people who didn't take them on their offer to go to war with Torrents for them, and leave. When cavern fills fully with water, Jack discovers the way which the mermaids used to exit the cavern and leads the rest through it, saving Laura Smith and her crew from dying. All of them end at the rocky precipice above the chamber in which Jack first met the mermaids on Isla Sirena, from where they overhear their conversation about how blue-tails were using power of the Trident for thousands of years to enslave the rest of the merfolk.

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When Tia Dalma neared the island where Jack was stranded, she enchanted the rocks on the island to teleport to the Black Pearl, and the rocks cracked open, revealing an army of rock-crabs. The rock-crabs used their combined strength to move the Black Pearl. Jack was off the ship at the moment, but was able to run and catch up to the Pearl and boarded it in time to sail it out to sea.[5]

Jack and Henry constantly dealt with their repeated attacks as well as the charging Salazar and his crew. Jack managed to dodge a strike from Salazar before taking control of the shark and narrowly save a helpless Henry from being eaten as they crashed on a nearby island where Jack was confronted by the undead specter of his nemesis Salazar but he is relieved that he or his men can't step foot on land without being destroyed. While Henry runs after a stunned Carina, Jack nervously tells Salazar he has to leave while Salazar tells Jack he will wait for him to escape the island to exact his revenge as the fearful Jack tries to dissuade him before running off.[12]

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