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You Have Requested : A.Spy.Among.Friends.S01E02...

Although Sergei thinks it started as a romantic adventure, Kim says it was the only way to fight fascism. In a flashback, he is surprised to see Litzi alive. When they have sex, she says this is their first time and not their last. On the train later, Kim learns that one of the passengers is the Directorate of Agriculture Inspector and the son of a military officer. Kim asks about the handmade shoes he is wearing from England. Sergei says they were a gift to his father from a British officer at the end of the war. Then, they begin talking about Konstantin Dmitrievich Volkov. Sergei claims not to know him. When the war against Germany was all but won, Kim says there were many from the Soviet Union who had succumbed to the temptations of the West. Volkov is one such person. He spent most of the war in Istanbul as the deputy chief of Soviet Intelligence in Turkey.

You have requested : A.Spy.Among.Friends.S01E02...

For one, we know Hopper used to be a "big city" cop and he appears to have a deeper background in government and secrecy. What if Sara's death wasn't an unexpected illness, but instead was connected somehow to Hawkins Lab or another arm of the government?

Catherine Haena Kim currently stars as Emma Hill opposite Milo Ventimiglia in ABC's \"The Company You Keep.\" Emma is the self-deprecating black sheep of an Asian American political dynasty, who has never been afraid to carve her own path despite the objections of her impressive family. In the series, a night of passion leads to love for undercover CIA officer Emma (Kim) and con-man Charlie (Ventimiglia), who unknowingly find themselves on a collision course professionally, forcing them to reckon with the lies they have told so they can save themselves and their families. \"The Company You Keep\" is based on the successful Korean drama \"My Fellow Citizens.\"

Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Mike Wheeler bring the girl to Mike's house after finding her in the woods. They find that she has a strange understanding of social norms, not bothering to go somewhere private to change clothes when Mike gives her something to wear, the boys stopping her before she can undress. Mike shows her to a bathroom, where she insists on not closing the door fully. Lucas is mistrustful, theorizing she could be an escapee from a nearby asylum. He and Dustin want to tell Karen Wheeler, but Mike reminds them they were not supposed to be out after dark and that they will all get in trouble. He plans to have her pose as a missing child that stumbled upon the house for his mother, who will call Social Services. After Lucas and Dustin leave, Mike sets up a blanket fort for her to sleep in, and she shows him her tattoo that reads "011" when he asks for her name. When he mentions his name is short for Michael, he decides to call her "El", short for "Eleven". They say good night to each other, and Eleven falls asleep, despite the storm.

The next morning, Jim Hopper arrives at the Byers house to inform Joyce Byers they have not yet found her son. She shows him her fried phone, which Hopper attributes to the storm, despite Joyce's insistence that Will was on the other end. Having not heard from her ex-husband, Hopper decides to go and talk to him himself. Jonathan offers to go in Hopper's place, but Hopper orders him to stay and support his mother.

Martin Brenner listens to a recording of Joyce calling the police, insisting that Will was on the other end. The manhunt for Will continues, and Hopper tells Calvin Powell off when he cracks a joke about Joyce's eccentricity. Phil Callahan jokingly asks if she and Hopper have had relations before, and Powell smirks knowingly.

Jonathan does not find Will at Lonnie's, who insists that Jonathan come live with him, which he is vehemently opposed to. He leaves Lonnie with one of Will's posters, "in case you forgot what he looks like." Hopper interviews a friend and patron of Hammond's named Earl, who insists that Hammond was acting normal as of late. He mentions Eleven, who he mistook for a boy. Hopper shows Earl a picture of Will and asks if the "boy" could have been him with a buzz cut, and Earl murmurs that it may have been. Over dinner, Nancy convinces Karen to let her go to Steve's party, pretending she is going to an assembly for Will. Dustin sees Eleven descending the stairs, and awkwardly distracts everyone by "spazing" and banging the table. Searching the area around Benny's Burgers, Scott Clarke finds a drainage pipe with a torn piece of cloth from a hospital gown nearby. The search party follows the pipe to see it leads to Hawkins Lab.

The real bravura scene in this episode came when Mary went down to the cellar to share a bottle of whiskey (it might have been some other type of booze to be honest) with Janice Fife. Janice, it seems, had been thinking during her time in the cellar and tried to spring her own plans. First, she disarmed Mary Watling and offered to help her kill her, and then began some pretty impressive mind games by trying to turn Mary against her husband.

With his men losing heart, Robb orchestrates an assault on Harrenhal only to find that the Lannisters have deserted the castle and left hundreds of slaughtered Northern prisoners in their wake. Robb and Talisa discover only one survivor, a maester named Qyburn (Anton Lesser).

While spying on Sansa and Loras discussing their wedding in the gardens, Tyrion finally accuses Cersei of trying to have him killed during the Battle of the Blackwater. However, her silence leads him to the conclusion that it was actually Joffrey who gave the order. Tyrion is then forced to break the marriage news to Sansa in front of Shae, much to the dismay of everyone involved.

Elsewhere in the castle, Cersei watches as Qyburn fits Jaime with a golden prosthetic hand. When Qyburn leaves, Jaime tries to kiss Cersei but she pulls away and tells him that he took too long to come back and that things have changed. Before Jaime can get a straight answer out of her, the eavesdropping handmaiden interrupts them.

The following night, Daenerys is brought before the khals, who have gathered in the temple to decide her fate. Khal Moro initially supports allowing her to join the dosh khaleen, but after she accuses them all of being unfit to lead the Dothraki, he instead threatens to gang-rape her. Daenerys proceeds to grab hold of a flaming brazier and push it over to light the temple on fire. The khals attempt to escape but find that Daario and Jorah have barred the door. Daenerys smiles as the temple and khals burn around her before emerging naked from the inferno to the awe of the Dothraki people, who bow before her.

As night falls, an exhausted Gendry manages to make it back to Eastwatch and tells Davos to send the raven. The next morning, Beric and the Hound discover that Thoros has succumbed to his wounds and the Hound notes that Beric is now on his last life. Jon sees that the Night King and his White Walker lieutenants have arrived on the scene and Beric suggests that they focus on killing the Night King since he is the one who reanimated the majority of the wights.

On the Winterfell battlements, Arya, the Hound and Beric discuss their shared past before Arya leaves to get in some target practice. Gendry comes to give her the special dragonglass weapon she requested and the two sleep together for the first time.

The primary storyline of Series 6 follows Iran seeking the ability to manufacture its own nuclear weapons and searching for sellers of nuclear armaments components. The governments of several nations (principally the United States and its CIA, Russia's FSB, and a shadowy third organisation composed of disenfranchised members of other agencies, including MI5) are woven throughout the plot. Simon Abkarian plays the Iranian Special Consul liaising with the various governments. Agni Scott as his wife, Matthew Marsh as the CIA station chief, and Robert Glenister as the British Home Secretary, all have recurring roles throughout the series.

The series is a popular export, syndicated to more than 26 countries. However, it has struggled for popularity in some areas, notably the United States; two of the three channels to have broadcast Spooks in the US pulled the show during the fourth series due to low viewing figures. Due to the racist connotations of the term Spooks in some countries, international broadcasts are often renamed.

The music for series one to four and theme tune was composed by Jennie Muskett. Music for series five to ten was composed by Paul Leonard-Morgan. Four soundtracks have been released for the show, the first includes music from series one and two, the second (currently and perhaps only ever available on iTunes) featuring music from series five and six (Two additional tracks are available on the composer's website). The third and fourth soundtracks (containing tracks from series seven & eight, and nine & ten respectively) were released on iTunes in November 2011.[74][75] The track listings contain spoilers to the episode content.

On 19 February 2004, BBC Worldwide announced that a video game based on the show would be released for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Microsoft Windows for a fall 2004 release, developed by their in-house video game development studio Gamezlab.[84] and would have run on a new game engine. It was not released, after BBC Worldwide closed Gamezlab and exited the video game publishing market.

At home, Aleida burnt a newspaper of Wernher von Braun after it became known he was a Nazi, which caught fire along with a doll, which she threw to a blanket which also rapidly caught flames. Her father walked in and put the fire out, and asked her why she did that. She argued that she could have put it out, and that it was fine, but Octavio mentioned it was not and asked her why she was obsessed with fire, to which she responded that she wanted to be in the fire. Octavio hugged her and told her he wanted to show her something, taking her to a model rocket at NASA.[6]

Aleida walks in her room and finds her father with the Kennedy school papers. Octavio asks her why she did not tell him and she mentions that she was not sure that she wanted to go. However, her father found that ridiculous after all they had sacrificed and saw her as throwing it all away, realizing that it was probably because of the boy she was seeing, but she argued that she only wanted to stay with her friends. Octavio asked Aleida if she believed Margo had gotten to where she was by chasing boys, but she told him that they were not in Mexico anymore and people liked to have fun sometimes and that he would not know how things work in America, so he grounded her.[10] 041b061a72

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