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Paladin Design Base Full and Free -

Edsa Paladin DesignBase is a comprehensive power systems simulation platform that allows power systems engineers to conduct detailed design of power distribution systems with every electrical component included in a simulation model, and to optimize them using the sophisticated simulation and optimization tools. In addition, it allows the users to perform a variety of analyses, including voltage stability, load current, and frequency response.

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As a key component of the EDSA Power Analyzers (EPAS) portfolio, Paladin DesignBase is the leading power distribution systems simulation software for the design of power networks, the performance analysis of existing design and the optimization of power system technology, generating and storing systems, and utility power plants. Paladin DesignBase ensures that the design of the system is as small as possible, incorporates the highest efficiency, and meets the necessary grid code requirements for that application.

Edsa announced the enhanced capabilities of Paladin DesignBase at Powercord Plus, the industrys leading simulation and modeling conference for power system engineers. The 3.1 release of Paladin DesignBase features several enhancements such as a new tag and annotation tool, parameter table tool to automatically generate the model parameter list, system analysis tool to perform the transient and frequency analysis of the power system model, a new tool for generating the loading conditions, a feature for importing a bus bar layout into the system, a new option for importing the power system system data into the modeling tool.

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