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Download Sims 4 Expansion Packs Free __HOT__ Mac

I used the link Lamp left to download DLCs: -links-to-packs/I downloaded each pack individually from that page, and would highly recommend doing that, as I have no idea if there is any difference in what you would need to do if you download them all in one file.

Download Sims 4 Expansion Packs Free Mac

still having issues with the red and white checkered mesh appearing all over the DLCs objects in CAS. I dont have any mods or cc installed, and have cleared cache in both origin and sims. and proceeded to redownload origin and sims as well.

hi, i got a problem. I successfully downloaded the file and its alright but when it go the the map, it crushed and everything turns into question mark and my sims become red and white. Is there any way I could fix it? I removed all my mod and its still like this

Hi! I downloaded just 1 DLC and did the exact instructions but when I opened Sims, it says that I owned all packs and that I will get a notification once everything is done loading but I dont see any place on Sims or on Origin where I can see the downloading DLCs ? is this normal ?

Hey I have followed all the steps but i want to put the DLCs on an external drive because of storage issues. Is that possible? I have tried to do it and when i open sims 4 it says i have all the packs but when i play the game none of the features show up. Could you help?

All the dlcs worked until i installed 2 new dlcs now none of the packs show up in game, i ran the unlocker again and watched the vids and it still doesnt work, also my sims 4 packs folder appears twice for some reason

ok i get it but still nothing is showing up, i reinstalled origin and the dlc unlocker for mac and then everything again, do i put the DLC unlocker folder and the DLC folders together into the DLC folder in Installer of the sims 4 packs folder? or just put everything out??

so i followed the steps but nothing shows up?? and i cant go online in sims 4 because i have legacy edition so online access is disabled, i repaired the game in origin and redownloaded the DLC unlocker but nothing shows up in the game so idk if im doing it right or am i supposed to download the DLCs and put them somethere

i tried to download everything that it said i even went back and change my packs but when i put it under mods it doesnt work or when i did it under the sims 4 pack folder it still didnt work idk if im doing it wrong or not but everything i enter the game it doesnt say i own it im a mac user so i dont know thw problem

MAC USERS: hey for anyone having trouble with the packs being owned but not able to download when offline mode in the sims game: I realized I had the disks version and not the folder version free floating in the content folder. The folder versions of the DLC are inside the delta folder so just transfer those folders that are in the delta folder in the same content folder. It should work then.

this worked for me. I had to reinstall my game and packs I already bought. Direct download the iso files and drag the folder into packs folder. run the fix orgin command. start orgin, go offline, start game

omg this is the only comment that helped me. except after i added the iso files to the sims 4 packs, i did step one again and then followed the rest of the instructions and it worked!! also fyi you have to click on the iso thingy and THEN it opens the iso folder, that is what you put in the game.

hello! i need some help with getting the packs into my game. i am sure i am doing something wrong. i have went through every instruction carefully, put my desired dlcs into the sims 4 folder inside contents (the folder you can access by right clicking the sims 4 app and going into packaging contents). i have reinstalled my game and the dlc unlocker several times, i go offline in origin, etc. i am just having an issue with getting my dlcs in, ive mounted the isos and everything, am i putting it them the right folder? im concerned on why they arent getting into the actual game. im on a macbook if that helps, thank you!

I did download the missing packs but they still do not show up unfortunately. I followed the instructions too and the unlocker worked with all the other packs (except the new wedding game pack and the last six kits)

when I re-download the unlocker (so I can get the newer kits + wedding game pack) I get no prompt to download a newer version. the rest of the packs work with unlocker in its current state though. what should I do?

A plain thank you isnt right With a slow internet I reformatted my SSD and added an extra space drive Downloaded origin and logged i to and downloaded the free base game I grabbed years ago when they were giving it away for free and set about using your very clear instructions to download every pack which took me almost two days Has worked perfectly ever since with my 15 GB of mods my tray folder and save file all working perfectly well Just added the new kits content and after two restarts All working perfectly well THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU You are the most amazing person on the Internet

If you're a fan of life simulation games, you'll be happy to hear that The Sims 4 has officially gone free to play. Although the expansion packs and DLCs will still cost money, you can download the base game for free and start playing today.

Forgot to mention I had custom content/mods in my game but I took it out after origin stopped working and it did not make a difference. If it helps, I have not had any issues with Origin or the Sims 4 prior to April 3rd and nothing changed about my PC since. I have the same antivirus which I disabled trying to download Origin (even though origin has worked in the past being downloaded while the antivirus was enabled). Origin is allowed through the firewall, but it still does not work even when the firewall was disabled. I have the Cats and dogs, city living, get together, island paradise (and purchased get famous but I have not been able to get in game with it or download it), parenthood, and laundry stuff packs, as well as the free stuff available besides the guitar. Thank you.

Since its release on September 2014 for Windows, The Sims 4 has received mostly acclaim from both players and critics. However, it is often called out for its limited content. Expansion packs are a staple of any Sims game, but for The Sims 4, they are even more critical than ever. The Sims 4: Get To Work is the very first expansion for The Sims 4. Originally released in 2015, Get to Work adds more content like new careers, locations, and skills.

I had purchased the sims 4 game and 5 expansion packs. When I go to download the game on my new laptop it says there is insufficient drive space. It also say to free up 8.33 GB of space or select a different location. I just bought the laptop so I don't have any files to delete. Is there a way to still play the game?

I'm having a similar problem on my MAC, but when I searched for the free space like you explained, I should still have plenty of free space. Any idea why I can't download my Sims 4 game due to insufficient storage still?

@drtkersch You'd typically need double the free storage for everything you wanted to download, plus maybe a small extra margin. Origin often allocates space to download files and then copy them to their install location, especially with older games. The Sims 4 base game is 15 GB once installed, so having at least 35 GB free is a good idea. It may also help to install only the base game, and then add packs later.

However, I saw that in Disk Utility that there was something called "Other Volumes" taking 90% of my available disk space that wasn't appearing in the "About This Mac" storage tab. I used CleanMyMac X to free up purgeable space and it removed half of that "Other Volumes" and finally allowed me to download and install the game.

But a lot has changed since the heady days of the 2000s, and after 3 main entries and countless expansions, developer Maxis has now delivered The Sims 4, one of the most addictive simulation games for Mac. But it gets better. Starting October 18, 2022, The Sims 4 is available for free.

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